Colin Foulke

Singing Steel Enthusiast

Random Ambient Music Generator 


Working with Neil Wilson, an ambient music fanatic from England, I helped create an online version of his ambient music project, 77 million songs. Neil created over 300 ambient music samples in all 12 keys. By putting each set of samples in a playlist it allows one to randomly create ambient music in a specified chord. 

I was able to help Neil realize his dream by putting his 77 Million Songs Random Ambient Music Generator in a friendly flash player.

To use, simply select what notes you want to use to create your desired chord. For handpans, start with your center tonefield's note. Hit play on each playlist and viola, you've done it. Click the next track button to randomize even more. Open up several windows of the RAMG to create and even fuller sound.


 Pair one or two RAMG windows with these online tambura tracks and you're in business. Click the 8 minute track and loop it in soundcloud.