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Featured video of the week at September 16th, 2012

A performance set from March 2012.

2011 HangoutUK Performace

Knight...a long standing Foulke family name and the middle name of my grandfather (on my father's side of course). William Knight Foulke may be my biggest fan; he always requests that I play when I visit and is dissapointed if I show up 'panless. 


This video is a mashup of melodies I played for a wedding in Chile and its dedicated to The Good Knight...

At the first US Handpan gathering in 2011, Handpangea, I was asked by my friend and fellow Handpan player,  Jeremy Arndt., to accompany him on his track, 'Dancing in the Mist.' After a 10 minute rehearsal we hit the stage and this is what came out, enjoy: