Colin Foulke

Singing Steel Enthusiast

Self Titled Solo Album


Over the last 8 months I have been recording my first solo album. A collection of professional recordings and live performances, my album features 13 tracks, 5 handpans, and a multitude of other worldly instruments. This album chronicles my growth as a multi-instrumentalists and handpan specialists. 

 There are 5 tracks that I consider to be full compositions, meaning they have multiple layers of different instruments (one has 6 layers of just cello). There are live performances which I have included because I feel they capture the essence of what I love about music; they are raw and unaltered and will give you an idea of what I play like live. The remaining tracks are what I call solo performance pieces; pieces that I can sit down and play without any back tracks or overdubbing.

Released June 15th, 2011 


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