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Singing Steel Enthusiast

Handpan and Sound Sculpture 

Working closely with David Kuckhermann, we completed the first full comprehensive Handpan DVD tutorial. Three hours of high quality instruction. It starts with the very basics and introduces concepts like chords, arpeggios, central note grooves, expanding them with melodic elements, breaking down various ideas for 6/8, 2/4, 4/4 rhythms and also introducing some odd metres like 7/8, 5/8, 9/8 and 10/8, on-screen notations, solo pieces, a tutorial for the Udu drum, practice loops, etc. 

'If you’re looking to mix-it up a little, learn some new chops, and ultimately, improve your game. ‘HandPan and Sound Sculptures’, is a must add to your wish list. ' Handpan Magazine

Available now in PAL and NTSC format. 

Read the full review at Handpan Magazine




Example Chapter

Hang and Handpan Comparison with David Kuckhermann with special Guest David Swarup


0:21 PanArt Hang 1st Gen Hijaz
1:35 PanArt Hang 1st Gen Aeolian
3:50 PanArt 1st Gen Low Hang 
6:30 PanArt Hang 2nd Gen
7:55 PanArt Integral Hang
10:59 PanArt Free Integral Hang
12:50 Pantheon Steel Halo Genesis
15:12 BellArt Bells
16:18 Baby Caisa
17:03 Caisa
18:18 SpB C# - G# B C# D# E F# G# B
20:37 SpB G Harmonic Minor
21:53 SpB F Integral 9
24:33 Sunpan
25:39 Spacedrum Custom
26:39 Innersound D - A Bb D E F G A
28:19 Innersound D - A B C D F# G A

Special thanks to the makers of these beautiful instruments and the musicians who loaned us their instruments for the recording. So many facets of beauty :).

Hanging in Space


     Half way around the world I was inspired by Simon Wood's track 'Three Times.' With his permission I added in cello and chime. My goal was not to take anything away from the original flavor of the track but to merely add some spice to the already existing flavor. It was so beautiful before I was hesitant to add to it but I just couldn't resist. Enjoy!



Working with Neil Wilson, an ambient music fanatic from England, Colin helped create an online version of his ambient music project, 77 million songs. Neil created over 300 ambient music samples in all 12 keys. By putting each set of samples in a playlist it allows one to randomly create ambient music in a specified chord. Colin was able to help Neil realize his dream by putting his 77 Million Songs Random Ambient Music Generator in a friendly flash player.To use, simply select what notes you want to use to creat your desired chord. Hit play on each playlist and viola, you've done it. Click the next track button to randomize even more. Open up several windows of the RAMG to create and even fuller sound.