Colin Foulke

Singing Steel Enthusiast

Compilation Albums

A professionally recorded live concert featuring Colin Foulke on Halo and Hang. Along with Colin, the concert featured gongs, singing bowls, and didgeridoo. "Find a quiet spot, close the door, and spend a sacred hour with yourself. This CD will take you on a journey deep within, beyond your pain or problems. Enjoy these sacred sounds:"




    A world wide collaboration, my music will be featured on's 'Japan Aid' CD. Musicians from every corner of the globe came together to collaborate on a CD that aims to not only raise funds for Japan but also to lift the hearts and spirits of those that listen to it.       

     Those who contribute to the efforts via online donations (any and all level of donations accepted) will be taken to a map of the world that shows the locations of the musicians who contributed to the effort. When they click on a location, they will be taken to a personal page for the artist from that region with information about them - website, contact, image,  and the tracks they contributed. There is also a music player that streams the CD and I have the distinct honor of opening the CD with my two tracks.