Colin Foulke

Singing Steel Enthusiast

Handpan and Sound Sculptures DVD Tutorial

featuring Colin Foulke and David Kuckhermann

- beginning with the very basics

- a step by step approach to get comfortable with different rhythms

- creating rhythmic and melodic variations

- slow motion close-ups and practice tracks for the different exercises

- on-screen notation

- chords and harmonic progressions

- central note grooves borrowed from various hand drums

- several compositions that are demonstrated step by step

- featuring various PanArt Hang, SpB, Halo and Bells

- solo pieces by Colin and David

- German subtitles




Example Chapter

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Testimonials and User's Videos

'There is absolute no doubt, that this DVD is a must for every Handpan beginner. Period. Amen. Soo many useful exercises, well presented, worth every cent. It WILL save a ton of time over just figuring it out on your own. I think its also great for intermediate and advanced players, especially those who are self taught in percussion and the world of music. With every exercise I do on the DVD, I find something new, and something I'd be doing all along, just not the same way. I've run into more new musical ideas the last two weeks going through this DVD than I have had all year before then. So yes, I am very happy with purchasing this DVD.'

Ernie, Cananda

'If you’re looking to mix-it up a little, learn some new chops, and ultimately, improve 

your game. HandPan and Sound Sculptures’, is a must add to your wish list. ' 

Handpan Magazine

'My dad and I bought this DVD and can't say enough good things about it. The ease of how things are explained and executed was wonderfully enlightening! '

Josh Rivera

'Buy and study the Handpan Lessons DVD by Colin Foulke & David Kuckhermann!!!!!!!! Their video has been the next best thing to participating in jams. Maybe even more helpful as I believe it has prepared me with skills to be able to play alone and with others. Invaluable resource that I can't emphasize enough. BUY IT!!!!!!!!'


'Thank you David and Colin for a great handpan tutorial DVD.'


'My attempt to play a lesson from the DVD HANDPANS AND SOUND SCULPTURES by David Kuckhermann and Colin Foulke. I've only owned a handpan for two months and the DVD for about a month. I am a complete beginner, despite my age. I recommend the DVD. It is far more helpful than my shaky playing might suggest.'