Colin Foulke

Singing Steel Enthusiast

Over the last 5 years I have dedicated 100% of my time and effort towards developing my own instruments. Read, listen, learn more here:




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'If you’re looking to mix-it up a little, learn some new chops, and ultimately, improve 

your game. HandPan and Sound Sculptures’, is a must add to your wish list.'

Handpan Magazine

Colin mesmerizes eyes and ears as he seems to have mastered every technique and chop in the book while continuing to invent more, but what also made his HangOutUK performance one of my favorites was his sense of sweet serenading composition. 

Marc Garnier

Colin is able to break down complex patterns and ideas and explain them in a systematic way, with great clarity, allowing other players to grow in their playing.  And Colin does so with a gentleness and compassion that is an additional contribution to the handpan community."
Todd Garlow - Co-Organizer Hangpangea

Colin is someone who stands out from the crowd, and not just because he is so tall, but because he is such a nice genuine guy that just oozes talent. When Colin gets up you know you're going on a journey, not just in his playing but his set comes with a story about where each tune came from. Add in a bit of banter with the crowd and you've got a guy that everyone warms to instantly."

Kelly Hutchinson - Co-Organizer HangoutUK


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